corporate responsibilities

There are many definitions of corporate responsibility, and in truth, it is probably impossible to find a strict definition to suit all companies and their activities, however fastforward research have taken the definition of - measuring it’s commercial activities against integrity, fairness and respect for individuals.

These attributes are reflected in brand values, and manifest themselves practically in the following ways:

  • Members of marketing research professional bodies; MRS, BHBIA, EphMRa, PBIRG;
    -These bodies have codes of conduct with which we abide that express responsibilities towards clients and market research respondents.

  • Meeting national standards for effective investment in people;
    - Investor in People award 2000, 2003, 2006, 2010 & 2013.

  • Health & Safety;
    - e.g. recently formalising a new policy regarding personal safety for travelling research executives.

  • Flexible working practices;
    - Reflecting family responsibilities – work/life balance and other personal issues.

  • Patient research;
    - Endeavouring to ensure that patients find the experience of being a medical marketing research respondent a positive one;
    1. Using our considerable experience in this area to inform and manage client expectations.
    2. Engaging professional counselling skills when appropriate and providing onsite relevant patient support and information.

  • Committed to minimising our impact on the environment;
    - Using resources responsibly.
    - Recycling wherever possible.