our expertise
Communications research
Branding and

Working in partnership to build great brands rather than products. Supporting the brand strategy via concept development, testing of advertisements, detail aids / sales story flows, most appropriate media mixes, etc.

Communications research
New product development

Identification of the gaps, key attributes needed for target product profile, clinical trial endpoints for phase II and III clinical trials. Specialists in patient journey research, patient segmentation & profiling, devices, packaging & formulation research.

Communications research
Award winning walled online communities

Bespoke global communities of patients and healthcare professionals. Development and utilisation of structural collaboration techniques within online community research to understand how to more effectively leverage customer engagement at the emotional level.

Communications research
Novel observational research

Built on our established qualitative research expertise, novel observational methodologies for devices, packaging & equipment research. Ethnography based Medlens patient research and 360⁰ view Double Reflections. Eyetracking software for materials testing.